I've always loved the sound of chords. I remember when I was a kid, playing with the sound of a suspension resolving slowly to a Major chord would bring tears to my eyes.

But when I was a young teacher, I was surprised that my students didn't just "get" it! I was doing all the things the method books say a teacher should do. But those books didn't make my students interested in the sound like I was. Instead they would focus on the theory of it. Or the hand position required to play the "right" notes. 

Now I know that telling students about a musical thing I like is different from helping them develop their own love for music. And things like chord theory and hand positions are abstract to students.

What's real to students is their own singing and their own motion. The key to learning piano (or any instrument) is finding your voice and your musical movement. When students are singing and moving, all the other stuff works itself out. Good teaching helps students do that.

That's why great resources like Play and Sing in Harmony are so much more effective than traditional lessons where students just sit on the piano bench for 30 minutes. The power of chord functions is the way they move from one to another. By first singing chord functions and then discovering how they move, you can find your own love for chords with Play and Sing in Harmony.

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