[This post came about after a conversation with a student's caring parent, who was wondering when will we get to goals like reading music. My thought is that the answer is never if we watch the process too closely instead of letting it unfold according to their learning sequence.]

We send children to school so they can learn how to do things. We give them a diploma so they’ll know they’ve done things.

We hope they can get a job with the things they’ve learned. Then they’ll get a paycheck so they’ll know they’ve done things.

It’s the same in piano lessons. We want them to have fun at the piano at an unspecified future date. We want them to just be able to read music. We want them to do well in the recital, so they’ll know they’ve done something.

But their greatness isn’t in what they’re going to learn to do. It isn’t even in what they are doing. It’s in THAT they are doing. It’s in their thought processes. It’s in who they are.

They’re great right now in this moment when we acknowledge that they have ears to hear with and minds to think about what they’re hearing. In their own way.

Making children great isn’t about the achievements we’re preparing them for tomorrow.

It’s about cherishing them right now. It’s about the way they think and see the world and the activities we choose that inform their thought processes.

This is why I created Play and Sing in Harmony. This is the only online piano course open to beginners and experienced players where enjoyment and learning don’t depend on your achievements at the end.

 Because in every video lesson and every audio play along track you’ll be engaged and present with making music.

It’s not about a participation certificate, it’s about the process. 

It’s not designed specifically for kids. It IS designed to help YOU find that part of yourself that’s childlike, because children are so GOOD at learning. Play and Sing makes sure you  are good at learning. Even if you’re a grown-up with a life full of other responsibilities.

The activities included work for everyone. Neurodivergent students find great success with this material because it meets you where you are to help you understand and play the piano in your own way. When traditional piano and keyboard instruction is not always so inviting.

Children are great now. Right now. As for tomorrow, trust them to decide what great means for themselves. You won’t be disappointed.

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