How to Finally Play Piano with Confidence and Skill and Experience the True Meaning of Music!

Unblock your creativity to learn piano more quickly and effectively and have more fun doing it.

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Use research-supported, carefully sequenced music learning activities to:

  • Bypass sight reading and theory and get to the heart of music: expressing yourself through sound. 
  • Harness the power of chord functions and play in any key with effortless technique.
  • Develop your own music vocabulary so learning is shareable and not limited to a weekly lesson.

Works to enhance lessons you're already taking or as a standalone course.

Go beyond piano lessons and learn to get lost in your own music.

Maybe piano lessons have taught you or your child a few recital pieces but you feel like you never reached your potential. Or maybe you're interested in playing but never learned how. Now you can find your true creative musical voice at the piano in a way you never dreamed possible.

Learn The Music, Not The Notes

Too many times taking piano lessons zaps the joy out of students. If that's happened to you it's never too late to get it back. Or if you've never had lessons this is a great time to get started the right way.”--Robert

Become Your Own Teacher

Learn the skills to create beautiful music with your own unique style. Learn to hear your music within, whether you're looking for a new angle to your lessons, or you feel like your musical dreams have been discouraged, or even if you've never played but you're interested.

Bypass Sight Reading and Theory

Get to the heart of music: expressing yourself through sound. Learn skills that will help you succeed with reading and theory if you want, but play and create music first.

Harness the power of chord functions

Play in any key with effortless technique. Learn to play by ear and recognize the sound and function of the most important chords in music.

Develop your own music vocabulary

Learn to recognize and play the sounds that you love. Learn a music vocabulary that allows you to share music with friends and family. Instead of having to spend hours a day practicing alone.

Enhance lessons you're already taking or use as a standalone course

Learn the functional ear skills piano lessons don't usually cover. So you can play better for your teacher. Or build a powerful piano skill base on your own!

What Others Say


Our boys have been singing your lessons non-stop since we’ve been on vacation! It’s working and I’m thrilled!!! We LOVE it!!!

Julia Wade 

 / Photographer


Bravo  to Robert Baldwin! Play and Sing in Harmony helps students build piano skills for learning and harmonizing tunes and ensures lifelong musical growth and enjoyment.

Marilyn Lowe

/ author of Music Moves for Piano


Your course has been illuminating and amazing. I could read the language before but now I’m starting to speak and hear it. Exactly what I wanted!

@lizzieblue222 from TikTok

/course user

Robert Baldwin

For two decades I've taught thousands of students, kids and adults, to cultivate their inner musicianship at the piano. When I noticed my students weren't just playing their assignments, but also creating their own music in every single lesson starting at their first lesson, I knew I needed to make this way of learning available to you!

What's Your #1 Piano Progress Killer? Take the 60-second quiz to find out!