The Breakthrough Home Study Training To Play And Create Music at the Piano Freely And Effortlessly

Learn to play piano by ear… even if you've always relied on sheet music, or even if you've never played before! 

Imagine Having The Skills To Play And Improvise To The Point Of Becoming Lost In Your Own Music

...and as a result, actually find yourself in a new way. Discovering how to become a freer, more creative, more expressive person. Isn't that what piano lessons should be all about?

Perhaps you took piano lessons as a child but you spent all your time practicing scales and completing workbooks, and you feel you never got to explore your own music.

 Maybe you have a child in lessons now and you're concerned they're going down the same path! Maybe they're struggling in their lessons and you'd like to give them an advantage.

Or maybe you produce your own music on a DAW, but you just can't find that perfect chord you need to complete the song you're working on.

Maybe you never played piano, because you didn't want to play for recitals or for a teacher. You just want to know how to play for yourself.

Perhaps there's not a local expert piano teacher in your area or you just don't have the time to drive to weekly lessons.

Or you don't want to spend money on years of lessons when you're afraid they might not go anywhere!

Maybe you've been wanting to get lost in your own music and you didn't know how to get started. You just need a way to get into your own music and not be judged by a teacher or an audience...a way to make music at your own pace.


Play And Sing In Harmony

The comprehensive multimedia piano course that can mean the difference between quitting or making music a lifelong passion.

This revolutionary online video piano course will show you how to hear music in a new way, with greater understanding. Once that's accomplished, you'll take your new aural skills to the keyboard and learn original and familiar songs. Not just learn to play them, but  to use them as a basis for your own creation, exploration, and improvisation. 

This is the only online video piano course available that uses the latest research of Music Learning Theory. As well as a multimedia presentation consisting of video lessons, vocal exercises, play along tracks, and reference materials. All to ensure you learn at your own pace in a comprehensive way. 

Marilyn Lowe, author of Music Moves for Piano and the foremost figure in modern piano education says, "Bravo to Robert Baldwin! Play and Sing in Harmony helps students build piano skills for learning and harmonizing tunes and ensures lifelong musical growth and enjoyment."

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Better Than Piano Lessons

Bypass the weekly lessons and the piano books. Use Music Learning Theory to inject music direct to your brain and fingers!

Why an online piano course? Why this online piano course?

In-person lessons have their advantages but they also send you down the wrong path. In lessons, the teacher gives you an assignment to practice and you come back the next week for corrections. The problem is, you aren’t learning to hear and make adjustments for yourself. You don't becoming a musician, you become dependent. You’ll be bored or frustrated within a year with no useful skills.

Creativity is VITAL to your learning process! You might think you can’t be creative until you know more music theory or until you can read notation. That's backwards. You won’t learn music UNLESS you are creative from the beginning. Play and Sing in Harmony gives you the tools you need to hear and understand music for yourself and to be creative at the piano.

This is a necessary skill you won’t get from piano lessons or from other online courses. Instead most online courses coddle you but give no foundation to build on. OR they present too many advanced concepts at the beginning, leaving you befuddled with no possible way to improve from where you are.

Play And Sing uses groundbreaking research called Music Learning Theory. This is research that most piano teachers and course creators haven't studied yet. I have, and the results with my students are astounding. You can read the testimonials on this page. If you do the work, you WILL learn to play piano. In a way that’s engaging, not intimidating.

You might think this sounds like a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s not. It’s giving you the skills and vocabulary to make music the way you want to make it. No two users will play songs from Play And Sing exactly the same way.

Traditional piano lessons are the one-size-fits-all approach. They expect you to go through the same books and play the same pieces the same way as everybody else, and you can quit bored and disinterested after a year like everybody else, too.

There are benefits from taking this course side by side with piano lessons. But if you seriously want to learn piano and you have to choose one or the other, the choice is clear. Play and Sing sets you up for a lifetime of musical engagement and creativity playing the songs you want to play in your own special way.

Stop sign

STOP paying someone to tell you how you’re playing wrong

go sign

Instead, learn the right skills from the beginning.

Play and Sing in Harmony alleviates or demolishes the top 5 obstacles people experience in piano lessons.

Age Aversion

Do you feel like you're too old to learn piano? Many people of all ages can have this feeling. Play and Sing introduces a new way of hearing music for an enjoyable experience whether you're 14 or 94.

Budget Block

Are you interested in piano lessons but can't afford the financial commitment? Play and Sing covers musical concepts and skills that require years of traditional lessons, at a small fraction of the price.

Coordination Concerns

Feel like you don't have the necessary coordination to learn an instrument? Play and Sing allows you to start at your own pace and add complexity only according to your comfort level. If you can coordinate clicking a link to get to this webpage, you can make music at the piano, too!

Reading Reluctance

Always wanted to play piano but just couldn't get the hang of reading the music notes on the staff? Play and Sing focuses on the sound of music rather than the graphical notation. Create and improvise music unencumbered by the notation. And if you still want to improve at music reading, skills you learn here will help.

Too Little Time

Want to learn piano but you just don't have the hours a day to practice? Imagine the hours wasted by spending hours a day practicing the wrong stuff! Play and Sing makes sure you're practicing the right stuff so every minute is enjoyable and productive. Just don't blame me if you lose yourself playing and end up spending hours at the piano when you didn't mean to!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

When you sign up you will immediately receive the link and password access to the complete eight-module course. You will also receive email follow-up designed to guide you through the course to completion in one month. You will have lifetime access to the course webpages and materials.

Harness your hearing potential

Learning how to listen and understand music will shave years off of your training to play piano. Inadequate attention to ear skills is the chief reason piano lessons  fail, and you will solve that with fun listening activities so you can hear what's really going on in music.

Sing to learn about chords

Utilize your singing voice in a fascinating way to learn to recognize chords and harmonic patterns in music. The  exercises included in the course have been used to help so-called "tone deaf" students find their voice. Or if you're an experienced singer, you will use your voice to learn to hear music in a new way.

Go beyond music theory

You will learn to be less concerned with music theory than with the practical skills you can use to play songs you love and to create your own music. You will learn theoretical concepts like Tonality and chord functions, but never in a dry book-learning way. The play along tracks are designed to have you putting your knowledge on the keys and expressing yourself in the moment.

Cover years of piano lessons in one month

Careful sequencing of lessons and inclusion of important material that's usually omitted makes this course accessible to everyone, even if you've never played a note. All while presenting music instruction in a way that fundamentally improves on traditional piano lessons. So even if you've had lessons before, you will still find this material engaging and enlightening.

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Check out the lessons in the course

The screenshots below are included so you can see the content of each lesson in Play and Sing in Harmony. Lesson videos vary in length and total over two and a half hours of video content. The Play along tracks will give you many hours of playing experience. Click the pictures to enlarge.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Since introducing Play and Sing in Harmony I'm thrilled to see all of the ideas that have been so successful in my local home studio become available and effective for everyone!

Since introducing Play and Sing in Harmony I'm thrilled to see all of the ideas that have been so successful in my local home studio become available and effective for everyone!

Julie Reuss

Adult learner

You've given me a new reason to practice everyday.

Lesson 5 has so much in it! Thank you! You've given me a new reason to practice everyday. I was so tired of just playing from notation. I really appreciate all the hard work, thought, and talent you put into this course

Allan Henderson

Piano hobbyist and lifelong learner

What a jam packed course you've created!

I bought your new online piano course, and just finished scanning through it to see if I would keep it. And I WILL. It's great. I love it.

Now I'll go back slowly though everything and actually learn it all.


@lizzieblue222 from TikTok

Course user

Illuminating and amazing

Your course has been illuminating and amazing. I could read the language before but now I’m starting to speak and hear it. Exactly what I wanted!

Here's how the course is structured.

There are multiple video lessons within three modules.


Module 1: Audiation

In the first four lessons of the course you will learn to hear music with comprehension, also known as audiation. Developing your audiation skills before going to the keyboard is similar to knowing a language vocabulary prior to engaging in conversations. Includes downloadable audio exercises and reference guides.


Module 2: Technique

In the following three lessons you will bring your audiation skills to your piano or keyboard by learning to play basslines, chords, and melodies. You won't just be learning to play what I tell you to play. You'll use what you've learned to improvise and create your own music so you can express yourself with skill and joy. Includes printable keyboard chord chart showing you all the Major, Minor, and Dominant chords on the piano, and downloadable play along tracks for you to use them with.


Module 3: Synthesis

In the final lesson you will explore ways to put together what you've learned. Playing chords and basslines, melodies and chords, and being free to take your new music skills in whatever direction you want.

I am so grateful for the course. My boys have learned to adapt songs to make them their own. Even more importantly, I am excited to let them explore different ways of playing instead of forcing them to play all songs as written.

~happy parent


Take a look at what else you'll get!

Play and Sing in Harmony comes with THREE great bonuses to enhance your music learning experience.

Bonus 1
Online art exhibit

The course is designed to foster improvisational skills. What better way to inspire than to include an online art exhibit featuring my own improvisations accompanying the art work of the fabulous French artist Charles Giai-Gischia.

Watching the beautifully edited music and art will make you want to run to your keyboard and see what you can create!

$50 Free!
Bonus 2
How to sit at the piano

Playing piano or keyboard starts with the way you sit at the instrument. The wrong setup can lead to pain while playing, and a lot of wrong notes!

That's easily avoided and the course comes with a video to show you how to sit for optimum movement efficiency whether for a small child or an adult.

$50 Free!

Bonus 3
An introduction to modal harmony

Play and Sing in Harmony is a comprehensive course for understanding Major and Minor Tonality but harmony in music doesn't stop there!

That's why I'm including a special video so you can continue learning with songs in Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, and Mixolydian Tonalities!

$100 Free!

About The Course Instructor, Robert Baldwin

Robert has degrees in piano performance from the University of Southern Mississippi and the renowned Eastman School of Music. While working professionally as a performer with some of the most successful performing and recording artists around, Robert also developed a passion for teaching piano.

His ongoing pursuit of the most effective, modern teaching methodologies available has led to an integration of masterful piano technique and the psychology of learning.  The result is an approach to learning piano unlike any other that results in strong musicians who enjoy playing and creating at the piano!

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

Lilian Henderson

Cary, NC

I would still be playing

If only I had a teacher like Robert when I was learning piano, I would still be playing.

Ronnie Frost

EDM producer, Orlando, FL

Proud to be Robert's student

I think what you have done is incredibly impressive. I’m proud to be your student.

Jeanne Ferneyhough

Cary, NC

"This feels great!"

Jeanne has found a beautiful singing voice she didn't know she had, and has had wonderful success learning piano as an adult.

The Value of Play and Sing in Harmony

When deciding how to price my course I found that there is truly nothing else available that helps you accomplish so much in so little time. However, if you cobble some things together you will see the value:

  • $1,250: one semester of Online Harmony I from Berklee College of Music for the academic portion
  • $4,800: two years of traditional piano lessons to get the keyboard geography and technique
  • $1,200: six months of improvisation lessons for the creative component

All total, that's more than $7,000 plus two years of your life to achieve the same results you receive with Play and Sing in Harmony in one month.

accomplish more in One month than In years of traditional piano lessons

full immediate lifetime access
  • 8 engaging video lessons
  • 36 play along tracks, x 4 keys each
  • Keyboard chord chart with all Major, Minor, and Dominant chords
  • 6 downloadable vocal exercises
  • Reference guides with Tonal Patterns in Major and Minor
  • BONUS: the video art exhibit
  • BONUS: the video on how to sit
  • BONUS: Introduction to Modal harmonies



Get full access immediately, pay in 4 monthly installments




Get full access immediately with one single payment.

Enter contact information to get started. Use the email you'd like your login info sent to.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 14 Days

I'm so sure Play and Sing with Harmony will help you meet and exceed your expectations about what you can achieve at the piano, that I'm offering a 14-day 100% guarantee.

If for any reason during the first 14 days after purchase you decide the course isn't for you, you will receive a full refund. Of course you can keep the chord chart!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take an adult to complete Play and Sing in Harmony?

The course is an intense month of instruction. Of course, you can proceed at your own pace. There are enough playalong tracks provided to allow for at least six months of continued growth as you exercise your new skills.

Does the course work for young children?

Yes, and here's how. The video lessons are designed to be viewed and understood by ages 10 through adult. However, birth through 9 is a critical time for a child's musical development. 

For this age group it is recommended that an adult or sibling in the household work through the course. The young child will be able to work with the vocal exercises and playalong tracks in their own way.

The nature of the lesson content is such that the young child will gain an incredible advantage with their music potential just from hearing the work done by others in the household.

Is Play and Sing just for piano?

The applied portions and demonstrations in the course are played on piano. But all musicians and instrumentalists will benefit from the course. The vocal exercises in particular are wonderful for improving intonation for singers and for string or woodwind players.

Piano learners can start from zero and learn with Play and Sing in Harmony. Materials to learn keyboard geography are included in the course.

Other instrumentalists will already need an understanding of how to produce specific pitches in order to benefit from the applied portions of the course. With that in mind, the skills learned in Play and Sing will be very helpful indeed for all musicians.

Will Play and Sing help me produce music?

Absolutely. While the course is great for Classical players, there has never been a greater need for good instruction for music producers. If you produce music on your computer using a keyboard workstation, you will benefit immensely from the keyboard harmony skills provided in Play and Sing.

I've never played an instrument before. Is Play and Sing for me?

It sure is! Experienced players often have to relearn concepts that weren't covered optimally in their original training. You won't have that problem! The course is designed to help you build solid musicianship from the ground up.

I already take piano lessons. How will Play and Sing help me?

Traditional piano lessons focus on theory, technique, and note reading. In other words, everything except building a solid base for aural learning. Play and Sing fills that gap by teaching you to understand what you're hearing. And then helping you create and improvise according to the music you hear inside yourself.

In this way Play and Sing doesn't take away from what you're already learning, it enhances it.

accomplish more in One month than In years of traditional piano lessons

full immediate lifetime access
  • 8 engaging video lessons
  • 36 play along tracks, x 4 keys each
  • Keyboard chord chart with all Major, Minor, and Dominant chords
  • 6 downloadable vocal exercises
  • Reference guides with Tonal Patterns in Major and Minor
  • BONUS: the video art exhibit
  • BONUS: the video on how to sit
  • BONUS: Introduction to Modal harmonies



Get full access immediately, pay in 4 monthly installments




Get full access immediately with one single payment.

Enter contact information to get started. Use the email you'd like your login info sent to.

A personal note

I've been so humbled and amazed by the creativity and expression I've seen in my local piano students over the last two decades. The desire to make their exuberance and skill available to everyone has led me to put my heart and soul into making this incredible learning experience available to you. I sincerely hope you will enjoy this method and realize the musical potential you've always had within.